Weejun Wearer of The Week – Unknown Model

| 4 Mar ’09 | 5 Comments

Found on Google images – unknown young lady modelling her weejuns…

Weejun Wearing Woman Wears Them Well

Weejun Wearing Woman Wears Them Well

Well this post has caused some stir in Ivy Land, so here are some images from the anonymous weejun wearing woman.

Coy Weejun Wearer

Coy Weejun Wearer

Kilties? Enough Already!

Kilties, too? Enough Already!

For those who are actually into this stuff for ‘personal’ reasons here’s the link to the whole 152 photos. LL Bean Camp Mocs and everything.

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  1. Tony Ventresca says:

    Mmmm…women’s feet. But I will say no more.

  2. simon says:

    any news/photos/comments on the forthcoming ‘Dover’ ?

  3. The Weejun says:

    Hi Simon, Indeed so, but all bad I’m afraid…
    GH Bass Dover

  4. Russell Street says:

    The Dover really has no place here or anywhere if we’re talking Ivy.
    The aesthetic is all wrong.


  5. Ruckus says:

    Only New England hands should make Weejuns. No Asians, or Middle Earstern hands. It would just not be right Madras, oxford cloth such as Sero and Gant should be worn with Weejuns. Polo shirts can be worn depending on the brand.

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