Two Tone Weejuns Set For A Comeback. Queue Here…

| 4 Mar ’09 | 7 Comments

Two Tone Bass Weejuns Make a Comeback

Found this interesting post on the blog about Bass teaming up with Opening Ceremony. Some of the Jo Boxer style saddle boots are a bit too frankenstein for my taste, but two tone weejuns… very nice, although for me brown and white/cream would be the one. Or Scotch grain, or calf with nubuck vamp. Oh well.

Please form an orderly queue.

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  1. michael karoub says:

    2 two tone are really neat what time period?
    I have owned tan sude, green suede and navy weejuns -all utimately given away-enjoying your pix articles

  2. michael karoub says:

    or are they “nowstalgia”? great shoes whatever their exact provenamce.

  3. The Weejun says:

    Hey Michael, Welcome to The Weejun.

    Do you mean time period for resissue? Supposedly summer in USA

    I’ve seen those green suede ones on ebay, but only in a size 13!

  4. Tony Ventresca says:

    I suppose this can be interpreted as a positive indicator that Bass has finally realized the potential value of the Weejun name and is doing something about it. Like all massive, bureaucratic, and fingers-in-too-many-pots companies they will probably be too late for the fad.

  5. 3buttonMax says:

    if i understand for issue this summer? 2009-enjoying your site weejun.
    wore my old US made Weejun (cordo) tassel loafers to the gig….
    shoemaker thinks he can copy the dye -from an orig pair I gave a friend and come close dyeing a pair of weejuns to navy like the 60s

  6. The Weejun says:

    I remember seeing navy Weejuns in London in the late 80s, one of the lost versions along with the brown scotch grain.

  7. Russell Street says:

    And also the White Weejun in J Simons. – Production samples he bought up from Bass in the US.

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