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| 1 Apr ’11 | 2 Comments

Always a second string label, Manhattan nevertheless produced some really nice shirts once upon a time. I have a deadstock one that was too big for Herb that is a fantastic scarlet and yellow plaid oxford with all the trimmings.

The shirt in this 1960 advertisement has a an odd spread collar going on. Really, it looks like a pajama top. I guess like anything (including those Roblee ‘Ivy Bucks’ I posted the other day) anything that features the name of the supposed style or genre that it’s supposed to reflect will always be wrong.

I had some 1970s and 80s deadstock Manhattan’s a couple of years back that which came as part of a job lot that included sought after deadstock Sero Purists. Those Manhattans were pretty reasonable, including a nice khaki green university stripe, but poly cotton so I sold those on. Poly cotton may have been acceptable once but thankfully cotton has made it’s comeback.

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  1. Michael says:

    Yeah, the button down spread collar does look weird. Are spread (loop) collars ivy? I like them, in fact I probably prefer them for S/S sport shirts. Never wear them buttoned up to the top tho’. Some people, I respect did tho. I can see Duke Ellington at Newport in my mind’s eye as I write.

    • The Weejun says:

      And of course very West Coast Jazz before Ivy hit there and the BD became de riguer in LA & SF too.

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