Ivy on Campus: Part 3

| 1 Sep ’11 | 3 Comments

Just some more random images from the boom years to give your inspiration…

North Carolina 1966 - Making the Campus Seem ''Even More Fun'

Japanese Ivy - The Honda variety that is...

Pre-Feminist Breakfast North Carolina 1966

Shetland & Chinos, Sweater and Kilt - Classic Campus Look 1965

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  1. Peter says:

    Great to see the often overlooked, Shetland crew neck. Judging by the texture, a “Shaggy Dog”. J.Press seem to be the only current source for these, but Shoreditch’s Present have started to stock the lighter weight Lambswool “Shaggy Dog” crew necks. Sadly, the two London knitwear emporiums of Scot Adie and Westaway & Westaway are long gone…..

  2. Michael says:

    Peter, Oi Polloi seem to have a good one “Howlin by Morrison Birth of the Cool Knit” At £105 , the price is high but not excessive.

    • Peter says:

      Michael, thanks for that, you’re right, their “Birth of the cool” knit very good, as is the cable knit “Stewart” by the same people. The “Harry” sweater, on the other hand, wouldn’t look out of place on an 80’s Blue Peter presenter! Excellent (but expensive) Woolrich “Garfunkel” jacket, also on their site, I noticed…..

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