A Way of Life – Bass Weejuns 1966

| 31 Aug ’11 | 2 Comments

Back to the source. Autumn soon upon us in the northern hemispshere but still time to wear those classic Maine made weejuns. As long as it doesn’t rain of course. They are getting harder to replace…

Worth mentioning that my 1960s boxed Bass Weejuns N734 pair are for sale. Offers?

Category: Americana, Ivy League, Ivy Look, Ivy Style, penny loafers, Shoes, vintage, vintage advertisements, weejuns

Comments (2)

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  1. marlowe says:

    Tom, you’re selling them?!

    • The Weejun says:

      Indeed I am. They are absolutely beautiful and remain unworn, but they are a tad narrow for me and therefore wouldn’t be a go to pair. Not in any hurry to sell them, but I thought I’d give someone else the opportunity to own them.

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